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Dry and lively, the king of freshness

 TG Fino is synonymous with flavour. A wine both popular and exclusive. Born from the white albariza lands and the unique biological ageing process, also called ageing under 'velo de flor' or just 'flor'. The result is a dry and slightly bitter palate, with intense salty and toasty flavours. Perfect as an appetizer, with ham, cheese, nuts, seafood, fried fish, fresh starters and all kinds of tapas.

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximenez.
Alcohol: 15% Vol.
Ageing: More than 5 years of biological ageing under 'flor' in old American oak butts
, following the 'criaderas y solera' system.

Service: At 10-12 C / 50-53 F, preferably in a glass of wine.


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