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A very old origin

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Count of Gavia had a strong influence on rural communities in Córdoba. His interests included the ageing of wines, although only the family and his closest friends had access to his Generoso wines.
A few decades later, this situation changed: in 1866, the Count's wine butts became the property of Carbonell y Cía. de Córdoba, the predecessor of Tomás García.


Four key dates


The original butts owned by the Count of Gavia became part of the cellars of our predecessor, Carbonell y Cía. de Córdoba.


Tomás García is established in the historic centre of Montilla. In addition to gaining increasing prestige, it became the leading winery in the area during the 1960s.



The entire wine production at Carbonell is relocated to Tomás García, thus boosting sales and exports. The imposing Bodega de Los Angeles in Aguilar de la Frontera is named after Tomás García.


SELLO 1932.png

After several years in the hands of Sherry firm Bobadilla, Tomás García finally became part of Cía. Vinícola del Sur in 1990 and therefore part of the Pérez Barquero Group.



Throughout their history, Tomás García and Cía. Vinícola del Sur have been collecting old 'soleras' from other bodegas in Andalusia, thus preserving a valuable vinous heritage so that both today and in the future we continue drinking history.


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