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Our landscape is the white soils of Montilla-Moriles. The gentle slopes of the fields under the wide skies of Córdoba. The traditional presses among  Pedro Ximénez vines. The large traditional 'paseras'. The impressing cellars full of butts and venerable 'soleras'.

Pasera de uvas pedro ximenez


Scent of grapes and wines


Harmony in the vineyard


The indigenous variety

Montilla-Moriles is a story of wisdom, time and the pursuit of pleasure.


In the heart of our villages, the silent cellars full of old butts keep the secret of the famous generoso wines. The  expression of a land with a millenarial tradition.


In our vineyard pagos, the chalky soils, called ‘albariza’, play a decisive role.


Porous and poor in organic material, they are the most suitable for grapes to achieve a long, balanced ripening under the sunny, warm and dry climate of Montilla-Moriles.

Fine, delicate and fresh, the Pedro Ximenez variety has great affinity with the terroir of Montilla-Moriles.


Its grapes are rich in sugars, essential to produce dry fine wines that achieve 15% vol. without fortification and sweet wines of harmonious depth.

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